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ORPHAN WITH A CROWN is a true story of resilience, redemption, and an eloquent testament of the human spirit.

Reeser Williams was born in one of the poorest countries in the world, to one of the poorest families around.  As if this was not challenging enough, he was born with a debilitating tumor that not only threatened his life, but also placed his loving parents in a tragic situation.

Reeser’s cries could be heard echoing throughout the island.  The surrounding villagers also cried out, demanding that his parents “Throw him away!”  Sweat poured from his mother’s brow as her ears rang with the words of the villagers telling her to drop her newborn into a pit.

The struggle to survive consumed the family.  What were Reeser’s parents to do?  Would they watch their newborn die or would they fight for his survival?

Journey through the agony, tears and laughter as you discover how God’s miracles have no shortage and how His love is never-ending.  Celebrate as you experience hope from a poor boy and His miracle.  Learn how a “throw-away” boy in an impossible situation is now living proof that nothing is impossible if we will just believe!

Jennifer Williams is an inspirational speaker, ministering the Word of God through sharing life experiences of hope, faith, and encouragement.  Jennifer and her husband Reeser have served together as Praise and Worship ministers for more than thirteen years.  Their greatest blessings are their three children, who inspire and bring joy into their lives.

Digital e-Book $10.99

Finding time for yourself and time with God can be challenging these days. Through the hustle and bustle of everyday living, it is still important to take a moment to reflect on God’s word. This devotional is sure to fit any schedule. Each devotion is broken down into three parts: Turn to the word, Let’s think, Do the work. It is diverse and can be used in many ways: on its own or with the book Orphan With a Crown (paperback, audiobook/podcast.)