Reeser & Jenny 1In a small impoverished village in Haiti a tiny boy is born. One among many siblings in a country so destitute, that conditions are barely survivable. Louissaint becomes his given name, but what sets him apart from all 13 brothers and sisters is the serious tumor that develops on his face just below his mouth. With no money for medical care, the parents have only one option…”get him to the Christian orphanage, they will help us”! On top of the hill was the orphanage established just a few years before by Rev. A.D. Van Hoose, lovingly known as “Brother Van”. After closer examination, and other symptoms, it was discovered that the tumor on the outside of Louissaint’s body wasn’t the only one, but there were more hemangioma, (Bleeding Tumors) inside his little body. Faced with the consequences of such a serious condition, the one hope to save the child’s life was major surgery. But who would pay their exorbitant hospital expenses, and who would get little Louissaint there? After prayer and much research, the answer came, he would come to the U.S. and have a kind doctor donate the surgeries needed to help him survive this deadly disease.

More than 50 years later, that same little boy is now a married man with 3 children, and uses the gift of music that God planted in him as a child to lead the Music Ministry at The Cathedral, A Bible Centered Church, in Evansville, IN. The very church that Brother Van established over 70 years ago. Because of God’s divine providence and direction in his life, Louissaint, (known as “Reeser”), with his wife of over 20 years, Jennifer, minister under a powerful anointing every Sunday in their church. They don’t just casually serve their Lord, but do so with zeal and excitement, and in loving appreciation for what He has done in their lives. From a village in Haiti, to the platform as a dynamic worship duo, the Williams’ “serve the Lord with gladness, and come before his presence with singing”, grateful to be used by such an awesome God! Reeser & Jenny Williams formed Ree Jen Ministries as a vehicle to carry this message to others who need to experience that same grace!

                                                   The Williams Family

Whole FamilyReeser & Jenny are so proud of their 3 Children! Their 2 sons, Justin & Ben are now married and have started families of their own. Justin & Nikki Williams are the proud parents of their daughter “Shiloh”, and now their newest blessing, little “Milo!” while Ben & Chloe Williams have a son as well, and his name is “Judah.” Maddie is still at home, and such a blessing to their lives.

“MAMMA” (Reeser’s Mother) We were so excited to have Reeser’s mother with us in the states for a short time, after over 40 years of being separated. Mamma went home to be with Jesus early in the year of 2019, surrounded by those she loved. She will be greatly missed.