Political unrest is once again at the forefront, this time over the disputed post-earthquake presidential contest.  Mirlande H Manigot a former first lady and college administrator who was the top vote  in Nov.28 2010 election, will face Michel Martelly, a local club performer.  The government released preliminary results causing some political uprising.  Due to the unrest we were unable to continue with our planned mission trips to Haiti and had to cancel.

Adding to the simmering political turmoil and intrigue was a sudden return in January of Jean-Claude Duvalier, the former dictator known as Baby Doc, who now faces corruption and human rights charges. There are also hints that Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a populist priest and former president pushed from power in 2004, may soon come back too. The uncertainty of Haiti has made it difficult for us to travel there to make needed repairs, take down supplies, and to buy a home for Reeser’s family.

Despite all of the devastation, the Cholera outbreak and violent political protests, many Haitians have started to find some equilibrium- to heal, to rebuild, or simply to readjust their sights.  Many gather daily at church  and prayer services, where they find hope and comfort.

Despite the hardship the 55 children at Haiti Christian Orphanage have continued to prosper.  They are all in school, and are all in good health.   Our American missionaries have braved the  unsettling circumstances and have been such a huge asset.   We are looking forward to what God has planned for the upcomming year.   We are hopeful that after the elections we can resume are mission trips.

Please continue to pray for us, Haiti’s leaders, and for the wonderful people of Haiti.  They have faced many obstacles in the last year.  It is our hope that through it all…. Gods light will shine bright and heal their land.